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The Swirling Vortex of Verisimilitude

A Traveller's Log...

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Who doesn't have an agenda? I'm as guilty as the next person, though I don't need Fight Club to convince me not to join the herd. Awareness turns me on. Self-centrage makes me want to kill. Discourse is demanded. My only rule: spend every minute of waking life doing something important – even if it's just quietly vital to your own well-being. You don't have to change the world, but always be ready to change yourself – the times demand it. Think big, live bigger.

Twelve years in Detroit, twenty-one in San Francisco, and one big one in Edinburgh. My two personas fight it out over an uncertain future – living a comfortable, artistic, consumer-based lifestyle in the Bay Area, or being the foreign, perpetual student in Scotland – for the rest of my life.

My day-to-day: I'm the co-owner of Gamescape in San Rafael, one of the Bay Area's preeminent analog game stores. While I survive by acting as an emotional bartender for all of geekdom, my heart lies in the hallowed collegiate halls, and I'm currently putting together a doctoral proposal that intends to contribute immensely to the discipline of Jacobite history. Publishing projects in the works, perpetually blended with historical research, lectures, and a tight rapport with the boys back in the field all help me to keep an eye on the prize. Currently slated for 2010.

The absolute epitome of Taurus. No bull. Born right down the middle, on Beltane eve.

I'm the alco-stodian of the California wine-spaz community grapes_traipse. Why don't you stick your head in and give it a nosing?

My apoplectic, shallow stutterings with little meaning can be found here.

And I am completely devoted to, smitten by, and nuts about my most treasured swarthy swan, cygnoir.


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